About Me

Born in Utrecht, The Netherlands, I grew up in a traditional family. Parents, sister, and me. I'm the youngest. My dad was a hobby photographer, and while I never liked being in the photo, I was very interested in photography itself. As a matter of fact, some of my favorite memories are those of my dad and I in his dark room, developing and printing photos.In school it became apparent that math, physics, and science were the topics I most excelled at. There was no doubt that college was going to be a science, or engineering track. In the end, I chose for an  information science major. My love for photography never went away though.After some time in the navy, I moved to the United States (New Jersey)

My Quest

In my blog I describe days/weekends away where I brought my camera, in my quest to find the perfect photo. Often times it will be the best shots I took, but sometimes total misses will be there as well.
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