Today we spent in Eindhoven. It’s the home of Philips, and that is quite obvious as you walk through the town!

In Eindhoven there is a tunnel with John Cleese’s “Silly Walk” portrayed in it. This is the beginning of this.
Of course, we tried to mimic the poses, but looked to silly to post it on our blog.
In the center of the tunnel
This is the start if you walk the tunnel in the opposite direction.
Eindhoven’s train station with Mr. Philips proudly displayed in front of it.
Iconic green building for a Dutch retailer: De Bijenkorf.
No idea what this is, but I liked it enough to take a picture of.
The structure on the right is actually a underground bicycle parking lot.
Philips building can be seen from the center of town.
This is a “bakfiets” a typically Dutch way of transporting wares. In this case it’s used as advertisement for a shoe store.

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