De Plateaux-Hageven

Today my dad and I went to Natuurgebied De Plateaux-Hageven. We did a 5-mile walk through the area, and it was absolutely gorgeous.

It was raining in the morning, but once we got there, it turned out to be a fantastic day!

Here are some of my favorites, although none of them do the park justice. I was very obsessed with seeing the trail path go through nature, so you’ll see a lot of those!

Loved the bend in the path here.
The tree really drew me in. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but still worthy of posting.
Open field with a path in it. I flew the drone here, mostly to show my dad. No real usable video, though.
One of the recurring themes when my dad and I go out together is that I take a photo like this!
Fork in the road! Fortunately, we knew which way to go!
This stump just begged to be photographed!
This lake was beautiful, and I really wanted to use the drone to capture it from above, but it was way too windy.
Love the path, and the contrast of the trees on either side of the path.
This wooden walkway really stood out to me. I had a vision in my mind, and I got pretty close to it!
The trees looks so impressive when I saw them in real life. However, the photo doesn’t quite capture that.
The path … the clouds… I love it all!
Wild cows… who knew!
I love how the trees framed the path.
This HDR image of a very wobbly bridge is one of my favorite photos I took. Walking across the bridge was a different story 😀
The same bridge, but this time from the vantage point before crossing it. The swinging as you walked over it, combined with the fact that some planks were missing, really made it an exciting adventure!
Beautiful lake that would have been a great subject for a drone video. However, when I put the drone in the air, one of the tour guides (not so) friendly told me to put it down.
Those clouds … the open field, and HDR! Love this one!


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