A Day in Utrecht

Today my parents, wife, and I went back to my hometown: Utrecht. The weather forecast had some chance of rain, but fortunately, we had an absolutely beautiful day! ¬†This is my home town, and I will¬†always visit it when I’m in the country!

The Oude Gracht and the Domtoren are iconic to Utrecht, and I always get that warm-and-fuzzy feeling when I see them!

Because these trips are typically filled with so many “must do” activities, I don’t have a lot of time to do “serious” photography. Next time, perhaps, I need to schedule a trip to Utrecht for photography only!

Pigeons, pigeons everywhere! They are so used to people, you can get pretty close to them!
Nijntje is a creation by a Utrecht native: Dick Bruna, who passed away in February this year. This “statue” of Nijntje stands on “Nijntje Pleintje” as a tribute to the artist and the character that so many Dutch children grew up with.
The street sign where the Nijntje status is.
Canals as far as you can see! And lots of bridges!
Interesting (and maybe a bit scary) details on some of the houses here!
There is a Dutch word called “Gezellig.” It has no English translation. This sign that says “Make yourself comfortable, we’ll come by” reflects the hospitable nature of “Gezelligheid.”
The ice-cream parlor Ijssalon Il Mulino has the best gelato in Utrecht!
The reason the ice-cream parlor is called “Il Mulino” is that just down the street, in the middle of town stands a real working windmill.
The Domtoren is the most iconic building in Utrecht! It’s 112m high and has the most impressive carillon in it, that is still played.
Utrecht is paying tribute to de art movement “De Stijl,” and these chairs represent that. Colors are of course inspired by Piet Mondriaan.
The Domtoren, a canal, and bicycles. Can it get more Utrecht than that?
Just behind city hall is this beautiful street with new and old buildings intertwined.

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