Portrait Session at Cross Estate Gardens

Today, we met our friends at Cross Estate Gardens in Bernardsville, New Jersey. It’s a beautiful park, and a great location for taking photos!

We had a blast, and the kids were a pleasure to work with!  Here are some of my favorites!

The Wisteria covered pergola was the perfect place to get started!
The stone wall made another great backdrop!
The whole family under the pergola!
The youngest really enjoyed walking with mom and dad!
Father and son, hanging out!
The whole family on this wooden bench!
Grandma with her grandchildren on a wrought iron bench.
Mom and dad joined in for the fun!
This huge tree stump just begged to be sat on, and I couldn’t help but take a photo!
Father daughter in front of the door with the beautiful trellis.
His excitement with being a model was running low, but he posed for two more pictures!
The stone wall, the wide open field behind it… I really like this shot!
A stone bench? Well, of course we take pictures there!
Mother and daughter, just chillin’ at the stone wall!
Normally I’m a big fan of black and white, and there are many. However, the fall colors were so nice, this was the only photo of this session that ended up monochrome!
“I found the PERFECT spot to take pictures,” she yelled out to me. Together, we ran to it, and took this, our final portrait for the day!

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