Holiday Portraits in the Studio

It’s that time of year again – we get to take holiday portraits of our neighbor’s daughter. It’s always a lot of fun because she’s so comfortable in front of the camera, and we all joke around. This year, there was even a wardrobe change! Unlike other years, we didn’t have props either. I also get to design holiday cards for them, which I enjoy doing. I won’t post them here because we want people to be surprised when they open the envelope!

Here are some of my favorites of this session.

Every year, we take at least one shot where she’s seated on the floor! This year was no different!
What good is a wardrobe change if we don’t take a portrait of the entire ensemble?
Every so often, I like to bring out gels, and color the white background. It’s harder than it looks, and I wish I had her step forward a bit more, too much spillover of the blue light on her hair.
I love close-up headshots! This one is near perfect in my eyes: her smile, her slightly tilted head. My absolute favorite of this session.
Here’s the first outfit in all its glory! This was at the beginning, and she already hit the perfect pose!

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