Black and White Challenge

As you have probably seen, Facebook and Instagram have been full of “Black and white challenge” posts. The goal is to take a black and white photo every day for a week, with no explanation, and no people in it. Every day, you challenge one of your friends to partake!  Last Sunday, I was challenged by my cousin. I gladly accepted.

So, here are my seven entries. This time with explanations!


This was my first entry! I love writing with fountain pens and figured this was an appropriate response, accepting my cousin’s challenge. The written text reads “Thanks, Thea, for the Black & White challenge” The pen is a Montblanc 149 Meisterstück, and the ink is the Leo Tolstoy blue ink.
The next day, we made a typical Dutch cookie “Speculaas.” This is the traditional wooden mold that you use to shape the cookies.
Day 3 was a quick one, this is the top of our bar cabinet.
Every morning I make myself a nice cup of Nespresso in this machine. Since the challenge was about daily life, this one fit!
Shaving is one of those things you do on a regular basis, so I decided to take a photo of my setup. Since I use an old-fashioned razor, I decided to make the photo with this antique effect.
I get to the office really early, and when I pulled up, I just loved how the building looked, so this was my day 6 entry!
Day 7 was a hard one. I was lacking inspiration and asked my Facebook friends for suggestions. One of them hinted I should take a photo of one of the new products we are developing at my day job. That, of course, is not something I can do, but, I did have something at home that insiders will know refers to an exciting new product we’re working on.

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