Portraits With Our Nieces

Three of our nieces came to our house today and they were super excited about getting their photos taken!  We had a blast! We just kept taking more and more pictures. At the end they were goofing off so much, it was hard to get them to look into the lens!

This was the first shot of the day, and it was a winner!
The youngest one had quite a bit of attitude!
We took this close-up headshot of her, and it came out so nicely, we had the other two sit in the same spot, to get a series!
Here is number 2! I love the close-up headshots like this!
The youngest doesn’t care for black & white, but even admitted liking this one too!
She loves the white chair! When I grabbed it, she turned it around, and struck this pose!
Teenager apparently don’t like looking into the camera anymore! Nonetheless, I really do like this one!
We tried some more dramatic lighting, and I actually really like how this came out.
Getting the three together in the shot was tough, as they kept goofing off!

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