Day in Utrecht

A visit to The Netherlands is not complete without a visit to my home town, Utrecht. We typically go eat a Broodje Mario, and buy licorice at Drop Inn!

This time, I took my camera with me, and shot some photos!

This is the Domtoren, Utrecht’s iconic church tower that was built in 1321. You can read more about it here.
This statue is in front of City Hall; I have no idea of its significance, but I liked it!
City Hall. A lot of Utrecht citizens get married here!
The Drop Inn store where we buy licorice just reminds me of stores from days long ago, when life was simpler. So, black and white seemed appropriate. This is a glass bowl with mixed licorice in it. I was lucky enough to get a sample or two!
This is zoet-hout (literally translated to “sweet wood”). It’s the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra, one of the main ingredients in licorice.
The licorice is fresh, but the box itself seems to be from the first day the store opened.
I just love Dutch architecture, and these buildings on the canal are very stereotypical.
Info sign at the railway station with a map of downtown and some of the landmarks.
This is Broodje Mario’s famous sandwich. The perspective is odd, I forgot to change lenses. But, the sandwich is too delicious not to include in this post.
This is a typical Dutch thing: snack foods in small cubbies. Put some money in the slot, and open the “door.” This particular one has a “Kroket” in it: a very typical Dutch snack.



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