Day in Mierlo en Helmond

Today, our parents took us to an orchard, and windmill in Mierlo, as well as to a park in Helmond. We had a fantastic time, and there were plenty of photo opportunities.


The orchard had this really colorful sign at their driveway; I just had to take a photo.
Out between the fields were these two lounge chairs. I put my camera up on the tripod and in timer mode, and struck a pose! I purposely processed this in high contrast black and white, just because the setting was so surreal!
In the center of the town of Mierlo stands this windmill. I really love how this photo came out.
This chicken was walking around a small farm right next to the windmill. The colors of the bird contrast beautifully against the tiles.
Not being an expert, I can only imagine this was the rooster; he was significantly larger than the other birds. I love how the red pops against the white feathers.
After we went to Mierlo, we went to a park in Helmond. Mom and Dad were nice enough to pose for me. I love the bokeh!
Mom and dad together in front of the water. Love the bokeh, just wish I had seen the car behind them!
Another one of mom and dad together. I like the bokeh, but wished I had gotten more separation between them and the background.
Dad in front of the water. The separation is what I hoped for, and even the contrast of the water against his skin really makes this my favorite portrait of the day.
Mom in front of a really interesting wall. While the wall is out of focus, I should have had her step forward a bit more, to make her pop a bit more.
Dad in front of the same wall; the same comments apply as the ones for my mom: I should have asked him to step forward a bit more.
How often do you see swans with cygnets? I love the white against the water but wish I could have had an angle where there was no grass in the corner.
Sooo many ducks and geese!
This one lone duck actually stood still long enough for me to get this shot!
I don’t know what kind of bird this is, but love the way the wings look from behind.
This is the same bird as the previous photo. I tried to get closer, but it flew away. I tracked it, and got this shot! Love the red beak against the black feathers!
There is a small area with deer in this park, like a petting zoo! This one doe would just stare at me, so I was able to get her head-on like this!
The one buck in the herd was not nearly as cooperative when it comes to being photographed. However, I was able to shoot this one!
I loved the composition of the boat, the water, and the pole.


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