Landgoed De Utrecht

Today we spent walking around Landgoed De Utrecht and had a great time. If you’re ever around there, it’s worth spending some time there and climbing the tower “De Flaestoren,” which gives you a great outlook over the entire park.

This is quite a photo heavy post – there was so much to see!

This house on the side of the highway was so cool looking and colorful, we ended up pulling over and taking a photo!
When you get there, you park near this restaurant that consists of several old buildings.
Every one of the buildings has signs with funny sayings on it. I have photos of all of them, but that was a bit excessive for the blog!
While we were eating, some motorcyclists came by, and I liked the contrast of the old buildings with modern biked next to it.
These logs were stacked up between some of the buildings here. I tried to get a shallow depth of field and high contrast. It didn’t quite turn out how I hoped.
The bark on this tree was very interesting, and I love close-ups of these types of textures.
The three white trees really stood out among all the regular green and brown.
This lake was pretty nice, we even flew the drone over it. Once I had a chance to edit that video, I’ll make it its own blog post.
Different angle of the same lake, showing the reflections of the clouds in the water.
We walked down this road. I really like the perspective here.
The same lake, this time from the side, but I like how the trees frame it.
This is the Flaestoren. I love how it looks next to the trees.
This is the tower from close by; you have to pay 1 Euro to go up, but the views are worth it.
View from one of the middle levels of the tower. I like the perspective with the road all the way on the left.
This is looking down the road we walked on to the tower. I like how the road bends, combined with the perspective.
This is the lake from the top of the tower.
Once we were back down, I shot straight up in the tower. I love the geometry, as well as the odd angle.
As we kept walking, I turned around and saw this. I like the composition with the tower in the right top quadrant.
This picture doesn’t quite do reality justice, but it does sorta show the light coming through the trees, and the path disappearing in the distance.
After our walk, we looped back to the restaurant where we started, but from the other side.
This house is near the entrance of the park, but it was on the wrong side of the highway, so we couldn’t get a nice photo until we left to go home.

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