De Cacao Fabriek

Today, we went to De Cacao Fabriek in Helmond. Between 1894 and 1932 this was an operational factory producing cacao and chocolate products. In 2014, it was turned into a cultural center with a theater, art gallery, restaurant, chocolate store, and a tattoo parlor.

When we went there, an outdoor festival was happening.

The festival outside … food trucks, music, and overall a good time!
The building of De Cacao Fabriek. Love the clouds!
Detail of the side of the building. The reflections in the glass are what drew me to this angle!
More of the outside. I like the perspective of the tiled area.
Once inside, the lobby has this beautiful stairs going up. I love the angles, and the contrast.
Inside the art gallery were these “sculptures” made of sugar. I was hoping to see the light from outside refract through them, but that didn’t come out.
The upstairs space at the art gallery had great detail in the ceiling, and the way the light came in was just stunning. I like this wide angle perspective.
At some point, I caught my dad taking a picture while standing in front of these gorgeous windows. I wanted to get the silhouette look, and I think I accomplished that!V

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